Clear thinking and decisive action

Creative options and realistic turnaround strategies

by people who understand your situation

Companies on the brink of failure require an immediate, coherent and realistic turnaround strategy to restore performance and profitability. Corelco will help you preserve cash, create breathing space and provide a springboard for a return to long-term success.

Our instinct is to save your business

Corelco are not a licensed insolvency practice and our first instincts are to save a business wherever possible, and restructure debt and assets in order to prepare a healthy new business for the future.
Working solely on behalf of the business owners, Corelco will act swiftly and decisively to stabilise the situation, negotiating with pressing creditors in order to create breathing space to plan the way forward.

This informal and positive alternative to traditional insolvency procedures is most effective when business owners identify problems and seek our help as early as possible.

Our strategies

Tailored for each situation and delivered “principal to principal”, Corelco business turnaround strategies involve a set of creative business re-structuring and company rescue measures.
They are effective for overcoming both long-term systemic problems and sudden, unexpected economic impacts across all business sectors. Recent assignments have involved sectors including:
• Retail and motor trade
• Manufacturing, engineering and industrial 
• Hospitality, licensed trade and tourism
• Care sector
• Companies with under-funded final 
   salary pension funds

• Service sector
• Commercial landlords and property
For businesses impacted by COVID-19, we can advise boards on long-term viability, how to mitigate its impact or how to restructure for the future.

Call us if you see trouble ahead

These are the signals that indicate that a business turnaround strategy is needed to head off the threat of insolvency, liquidation or administration:

Working capital / liquidity

• Declining or negative cash flow
• Large contingent liabilities
• Short-term diminishing liquidity
• Revolving Drawdowns
• Taking vendor terms
• Increase in ageing accounts receivable
• Increase in outstanding accounts payable


• Inability to meet debt covenants
• Resignations of key finance staff
• Debt maturities
• Repeated bank amendments
• Downgrade in debt rating
• Accounting restatements
• Inability to file financial statements

Profitability / industry outlook

• Shrinking EBITDA margin
• Reduced capital-investment programmes
• Deteriorating going-concern opinion
• Deteriorating industry fundamentals
• Adverse regulatory environment
• Regulatory investigations


• Large or unplanned reductions in workforce
• Increasing management turnover
• Disruption in unionized workforce
• Key staff requesting better remuneration

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