Who can help me to negotiate with creditors?

Corelco will carry out negotiations with creditors on your behalf. Being able to negotiate effectively with your creditors during times of uncertainty and struggle is of the utmost importance if your business is going to recover. Here are the methods Corelco will adopt on your behalf to maximise success rates during creditor negotiations:

• Conduct

A frantic sob story is the last thing your creditors want to hear. Instead, we will provide a concise summary of the situation at hand, and present your proposal to them. We are able to remain professional and cordial no matter how challenging it gets.

• Be realistic

It is vital to thoroughly assess your financial situation so that your proposal is mutually beneficial and realistic. We will prepare evidence to show how you will be able to stick to your payment terms, in order that you don’t make false promises.

• Confidence in the proposal

Being prepared for anything that may be thrown up is crucial. This could involve an objection or a rejection mid-way through the proposal, so it is advisable to have prepared some reassuring responses.

• Persistence

If the creditor denies your proposal despite the evidence presented and our best efforts to reassure them, we will ask them why they find the proposition to be unacceptable and then return to them at a slightly later date with a revised proposal.

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