Who to contact if your business is in trouble or facing insolvency?

For many companies facing difficulties, business recovery, business turnaround or business rescue strategies can be effective, and potentially less damaging alternatives to formal insolvency, liquidation or administration procedures. Whilst a formal insolvency requires the services (and fees) of a licensed insolvency practitioner, who will be duty bound to protect the interests of creditors, a business rescue plan formulated by Corelco may come at a lower cost to the business owners.

It is important to understand that there are businesses looking to profit from your difficulties who will provide very little help in return. 

Who can help me to save my business?

Working solely on behalf of the business owners, Corelco will act swiftly and decisively to stabilise the situation, negotiate with pressing creditors including banks, suppliers and HMRC, in order to create breathing space to plan the way forward. This informal and positive approach to traditional insolvency procedures is most effective when business owners identify problems and seek our help as early as possible. Our experience, constructive approach and conciliatory tone has been proven to gain the vital cooperation needed and avoid precipitous action by creditors.

Corelco are not a licensed insolvency practice and our first instincts are to save a business wherever possible, restructuring debt and assets in order to prepare a healthy new business for the future.

If this cannot be achieved and insolvency becomes inevitable, we can support and advise the business owners as they go through the formal process.

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